community intiatives

at youth aware, we want to give back to the community.

Learn about the initiatives we are launching this year at Youth Aware to bring joy to families in our communities!

youth aware organizes northwest health and wellness camp

Youth Aware is an active participant at the Northwest Health and Wellness camp which is held biannually at the Renton Community Center.

This year, we split the camp between two days due to COVID. On the first day, November 7th, we held virtual physician visits, physical therapy, and nutritional consults.

Day 2 was the distribution of health kits, face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, first aid kits, flu shot vouchers, and probiotic drinks (in collaboration with Overlake hospital and Yakult USA).

healthy probiotic smoothies

In collaboration with Yakult USA, Youth Aware donated over 6,000 healthy probiotic smoothies to the community.

We donated healthy, probiotic drinks to the community. These drinks are an effort to boost immunity and are much appreciated in these times. Thank you, Yakult!

We are now launching a program of recurrent, monthly donations to the Family Connections Center and Jubilee Reach, both part of Bellevue School District. This is an initiative to help communities who are struggling during the pandemic. We hope that kids will enjoy these drinks!

We will also be partnering with Yakult to donate to different community centers, health systems, hospitals, and outpatient clinics in the area. We established recurrent donations to the Renton Community Center and we donated at the health camp as well.

food drive

On our community initiative to provide warm, fresh meals to families in need (in collaboration with Mr. Manny Singh and his team!)

In collaboration with Mr. Manny Singh and his team, we donated warm meals to community centers, schools, clinics, and hospitals. Mr. Singh and his team have donated over 10,000 meals to our heroes in healthcare on the front lives saving lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our goal is to bring joy to families in our community during this pandemic. While we are not able to meet in person, we are still connected in many other ways.


Learn about our initiative to help students in need achieve success in online school.

Especially with this school year being conducted virtually, many children in the community do not have access to the essential school supplies required to learn. Here at Youth Aware, we hope to provide students in need with school supplies as well as masks so that they can be well equipped to learn this year and achieve their full potential online.

UPDATE: Thank you so much to all our subscribers who contributed towards the first round of our school supplies drive (in collaboration with the Bellevue School District)!