Youth Engagement Forum

what is youth engagement forum?

Youth Engagement Forum is a Youth Aware initiative which provides kids with the opportunity to connect with and hear from members of the community. We have heard from counselors, doctors and other healthcare workers including a physical therapist, youth changemakers, and many other community leaders!

Youth Engagement forum editions

conversation with dr. thomas froehlich and mrs. susan froehlich

Dr. Froehlich and Mrs. Froehlich participated in the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial. Here is their inspiring message for youth!

conversation with dr. Juliann binienda

Dr. Binienda is a professor of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences at the Wayne State University. Hear from her on the significance of public health and population health!

community changemakers: interview with ms. tiffani mccoy

Ms. McCoy is the Lead Organizer at Real Change Newspaper in Seattle. Hear from her on Real Change's initiatives to help the Seattle community during COVID-19!

conversation with dr. william depaolo

Hear from Dr. DePaolo, the Director of the Center for Microbiome Science and Therapeutics at the University of Washington, on the importance of the microbiome and on how we can keep our microbiomes healthy.


Hear from Washington State Representative My-Linh Thai on why learning about the Constitution is important for youth and ways that youth can engage with their local governments.

interview with dr. doug mcNAIR

Dr. McNair is the senior advisor of quantitative sciences, integrative development, at the Gates foundation. Here is his inspiring message for youth!

community changemakers: interview with mr. manny singh

Hear from Mr. Manny Singh on his initiative to distribute meals to healthcare workers!

multiple perspectives: the voice of youth during the covid-19 pandemic

Hear from kids all over the world on how they are dealing with quarantine, stay-at-home orders, and their perspectives in general on this pandemic.

Multiple perespectives on quarantine-Edition 2

Let's hear from more kids on how they are doing in a session led by youth!

let's talk money: interview with ms. saloni gupta

Ms. Gupta is a financial analyst; let's hear from her on financial responsibility for kids!

interview with dr. titonath dith and jennifer

Learn about the importance of staying active during this quarantine with Dr. Titonath Dith, a physical therapist!

Youth Changemakers:

Hear from Eesha Jain on her summer coding camp for kids to raise awareness about the importance of STEM!

youth changemakers: the covid nineteen project

Hear from Skye Loventhal and Sarah Shapiro, co-founders of the COVID NineTEEN Project, a free, online tutoring platform for kids.

Youth changemakers: letters to elders

Hear from Ishita Bansal and her brother on their community initiative Letters to Elders, a platform that connects youth with seniors in the community!